A group of experienced translators and interpreters have joined forces to compile this practical guidebook for translation and interpreting students and beginners. Their professional advice was collected into a virtual project, which ultimately led to the creation of this website. The authors of this guidebook – professionals who have seen it all – are now ready to share their practical advice and survival tips candidly while remaining positive and encouraging to the beginning translator.

The Translator’s Guide to the Industry primarily addresses self-employed translators. This is because most people in the translation and interpreting industry are self-employed (as opposed to working as an in-house translator or in a company). In the context of this guidebook, the word ‘self-employed’ refers to all forms of entrepreneurship, from owning a company to working as a freelancer. It should also be noted that ‘translator’ and ‘interpreter’ are unprotected professional titles, which means anyone can legally work as a translator, including those without formal training.