Here are some things that clients definitely value:

·     Be available. Answer your clients’ messages and calls quickly and during office hours.

·     Inform the client about your rates and dates precisely. “Well, this won’t take long and it won’t be too expensive” is not a proper rate offer or delivery time proposal. Everyone has an opinion on what is too expensive or what constitutes a long time for a translation process. Always give your work an exact rate or a rate estimate that is as accurate as possible, and tell the client what the rate is based on. Give the delivery time using a date and a specific time.

·     Deliver on time. Always deliver your work within the agreed-upon deadlines. If your project gets finished and delivered much earlier than expected, you need to explain to the client why this is the case. For example: “I finished another project much faster than anticipated. That’s why this was completed earlier as well.” This way you can ensure that the client won’t feel like you’ve done your work hastily or sloppily, especially if you had earlier negotiated a delivery time that was longer than what your client originally proposed.

·     Your work looks as promised. If the client has provided you with a term base or other supporting material, use them according to the client’s instructions.

·     Advise the client when needed. The client doesn’t necessarily know the details and phases of the language service process. If they don’t possess a lot of experience on purchasing language services, guide them to choose the right service for their need. When you deliver the finished product, you should explain the essential details of the translation process, and if necessary, illustrate some of the translation solutions and strategies to the client.