I am an English and Translation student at the University of Eastern Finland, with hopes of graduating in 2019. Currently, I am working on my Master’s thesis on EU translators’ competences in special fields translation. My working languages are Finnish and English, but I am also learning more Swedish and French. My future aspirations include international and intercultural work in a socially important context, hence my minor subjects Project Management and Social Policy.

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Hi! My name is Saija, and I’ve been studying English and translation as my major at the University of Eastern Finland for four years now. My minor subjects are German, Finnish, translation studies, psychology, and interpreting. I have especially enjoyed studying psychology and am interested in translating texts relating to the topic in the future. I also hope to one day be able to work as a conference interpreter in the language pair Finnish-English. In my BA and MA theses I have studied the strength of swear words in translated fiction and the use of allusions in stand-up comedy, respectively. Both topics were greatly influenced by my personal interests, as in my spare time I’m an avid reader, comedy fan and movie buff.

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In this translation project, I acted as the project manager and translator of group one. While this project focused on the field of translation, my earlier translation experience includes works of technical, commercial and fictional genre as well. In addition to my major in English and Translation, I hold minor subjects in Japanese Language and Culture, International Trade, Interpreting Studies and Language Technology, and during my studies I’ve familiarised myself with translation software, such as memsource and memoQ. Aside from my academic background, I’m a curious individual and an avid fan of popular culture and media, including music, videogames, movies and literature. If you find yourself in need of a proficient translator, don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn.

I am currently finishing my fourth year as a student in the University of Eastern Finland with English language and translation as my major. My minor subjects are marketing, multidisciplinary environmental studies, media culture and communication, Finnish language and translation, as well as translation studies. At the moment I am working on my Master’s thesis, in which I study translation of wordplay in the television series 2 Broke Girls, and which I aim to finish by the spring 2019. In 2013 I finished my Bachelor’s thesis, in which I focused on translation of chick lit book titles. Furthermore, I am highly interested in subtitling as well as translating fiction, but I am open-minded and ready to translate other types of texts as well. A few of my personal interests are pets and animals (especially dogs), travelling and the environment, so translating material related to those topics would be fantastic!

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I’m a fifth-year student of English language and translation at the University of Eastern Finland. My current interest on the field (and the subject of my MA thesis) is that of the usability of translations, which examines translations of texts that are meant as instructions for performing a task. As such, translating a part of this instructional book has been most interesting. My other studies include literature as a minor subject and I’ve also tipped my toes into a bit of Russian and German. My biggest hobbies are music (both singing and playing the trumpet) as well as all sorts of board games. Drop me an email at: henrikar@uef.fi

Hi, I am Alina. I have been studying English and translation as my major at the University of Eastern Finland for four years now. My minor subjects include translation studies, literature and Swedish. I’m also looking forward to delving deeper into the realm of audiovisual translation. I enjoy translating fictional texts, and I would love to translate comics, since I think the opportunities and challenges they offer as a medium are very special. I’m also interested in examining the different aspects of usage of colloquial Finnish in translation, which is the overall theme of my BA and MA theses.

Nowadays, my interests include surfing on the Internet and playing video games. Occasionally I can be seen playing the piano or doodling on some of my many half-full sketchbooks.

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Sari Juntunen, Pilvi Koivumäki, Sanni Lappalainen, Markus Nybom, Venla Virtanen also contributed.

Sonja is a fifth year student at the University of Eastern Finland. She is majoring in English Language and Translation with a minor in Media Culture and Communication. Sonja is currently working on her Master's Thesis, which is a comparative audience reception study on the terminology of two different Finnish translations of Dungeons & Dragons. Whether it's enjoying speculative fiction on her free time or translating and proofreading texts ranging from psychology to microbiology, Sonja has a passion for all things science.

Sonja can be contacted through LinkedIn or via e-mail at sonjaleppajarvi [at] outlook.com.


Emmi is a student at the University of Eastern Finland. She is majoring in English Language and Translation with minors in both Interpreting and Language Technology. When she’s not busy reading the Kanteletar and its varying translations for her Master’s Thesis or working on her latest coding project, she’s out and about enjoying the great outdoors while hunting for pokémon. Her interests include video games, computer programming, history, and folklore.

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I’m a fifth-year student at the University of Eastern Finland with Swedish as major and English, Translation sciences, Finnish and Psychology as minors. On fall 2018 I will start my last year in university before graduating to be a translator. My special interests are medicine and psychology, so I would love to translate that type of texts in the future. Right now I’m writing my Master’s thesis which concentrates on Google Translate’s mistakes: what kind of mistakes does it make and do they differ between fiction and factual text. If you happen to need a translator with language pairs Finnish-Swedish-Finnish and Finnish-English-Finnish, please contact me for example in LinkedIn.  

I’ve been studying English and translation at the University of Eastern Finland since 2013 and I’m planning to submit my MA Thesis in the summer of 2018 if everything goes according to the plan. These years have given me a lot and I’m more than eager to finally start working as a professional translator. For this reason, it was truly a pleasure to work on this project as the text was about a subject that is truly relevant to me right now.

When I’m not wrestling with my MA Thesis, I spend my time discovering new literature and artists and occasionally attempt to even produce something myself with varying success.

My first language is Finnish, and I translate from English to Finnish but also from Finnish to English. If you wish to know more, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Hey! My name is Aleksi, and I’m a 4th year student at the University of Eastern Finland. My major subject is English and Translation, and the languages I enjoy working with are Finnish and English. I’m an all-around nerd with various interests, including music, video game culture, medicine, science and literature. I’m also proficient with translation software, including Memsource and MemoQ, and I also have experience in term base work.

If you are looking for a dedicated translator who is eager to work with gusto and learn new things, you can contact me at aleksn@uef.fi which is my student e-mail, or check me out on LinkedIn by clicking here.


Hello! I have been studying English Language and Translation for four years at the University of Eastern Finland. I am currently working on my MA thesis that focuses on translator competence. My other studies include philosophy and Finnish language as minor subjects. Aside from these, I am also fairly well versed in Chinese culture, have a rudimentary grasp on Mandarin Chinese, and have CERF B -level German and Swedish. My personal interests and hobbies include boxing and martial arts, motorcycles, physics, all things mechanical, cooking, hunting and nature in general. So, I am the guy you could – and should – contact when you encounter a term such as ‘variable-venturi carburetor’, or want advice on how to format a recipe for the perfect smoked salmon! Feel free to contact me by email: jurip@uef.fi


Hey! My name is Anne Toivanen and I am currently studying at the University of Eastern Finland. I am majoring in English Language and Translation, and the languages I enjoy working with are Finnish and English. This is my second round at a university, since I already have a master´s degree in Art History. I have always been interested in languages and art, especially in architecture. I did my first MA thesis on school architecture and have been working with building heritage in the Finnish Environment Institute. I have also worked in our local Art Museum, doing collection management work and research. Due to my “former life” I am an expert in any art or architecture related issues. In my current studies, I am especially interested in the relationship between written text and illustration. Since I am also interested in children’s culture, my dream would be to translate children’s picture books. I have always been interested in many things including music, art, natural science and literature, and I am eager to learn new things. All in all, my curiosity is my strength. For the first time in my life, my overall interest in many different subjects and my love for languages have become really useful. I love translating and I feel that the University of Eastern Finland is the best place to get the necessary tools for it. If you got interested, you can reach me via email: annetoivanen@windowslive.com.